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That's right — Earn 50% commissions* for each sale of Total Guitar Setup you make!

With just three sales, you'll more than recover your initial investment.

* 1. Your commission is 50% after all PayPal fees are deducted (50% net after fees).

* 2. We pay you monthly (on the 15th) directly to your PayPal account (no more waiting for SLOW checks to arrive). There is a 1 month withholding period to make sure that we honor any refunds (if there are any). Rest assured that our high quality guide & service is expected to have a low refund rate.

* 3. There is no minimum payout for your commissions (if we owe you $4.65, we'll pay).

Example: You join on January 1.  You make a sale on January 14.  You can expect a commission payment from the sale on February 15.

Make sure that you register your correct PayPal email address so that we can pay your commissions. You can enter or change your PayPal email by logging in to your affiliate account >> Enter your PayPal email >> Click “Save”.

Should you ever change your email account with PayPal, be sure to login to your affiliate account here at Total Guitar Setup and register the change.  Otherwise, we cannot pay you!

If you have any questions, you can contact the webmaster of Total Guitar Setup by clicking on the “Contact Us” menu selection and sending your concerns to Bud.  Bud handles all your web-related administrative needs, and Uncle Randy is the guitar guru!

IMPORTANT NOTE: You must be a member of PayPal in order to
participate in our affiliate program.  Not a member of PayPal yet?
No problem.  Just click here to join — it's free!

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